Time limit details about the judi pola

The judi pola online is referred as the soccer game or football which is played in between two teams with 11 members. One of the important thing to consider while playing the soccer game is time management.

Every minute is very precious and not be refound again while playing the football tournament.  Any careless mistake of the goalkeeper at any one minute will make the other team to put a goal on the goal post easily.

Same like that, if a striker misses the ball even a minute will give the ball in the hands of other more play, which lead you to get lost in the football game. For the back defender, if they are not defending the ball against the opposite team for a minute, it will lead to losing the game.

Hence each and every minute is important in football. The total length of the football game timing is divided into two parts. One-half of the match timing is equal to 45 minutes which extends the injury medicine taking time. The injury medicine time is the time about 5 to 10 minutes, which is allowed in the famous matches officials based on the events that occur when the game is playing.

If the game is much stoppable it will give you an unusual injury time limit with very less time as 2 to 5 minutes. This game will again begin within 45 minutes after the break from the first half. Normally the break time is about 15 minutes and then the game will be continued with the round 2 which also has another 45 minutes and injury medicine time.

During the break time, the player is encouraged by giving soft drinks and some other snacks to boost their stamina.


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